How To Cook Gammon In Air Fryer

   Welcome to the world of cooking gammon in air fryer. Air frying is a modern and efficient way to prepare this beloved British dish. For all the foodies in the UK, air frying is becoming increasingly popular due to its convenience and healthier cooking method.

Gammon, with its savory and rich flavors, pairs perfectly with the air fryer’s capabilities, ensuring a delightful meal with less hassle.

 Benefits of Using an Air Fryer for Gammon

  Embracing the air fryer for your gammon recipe comes with some fantastic advantages. Firstly, it reduces cooking time significantly, making it ideal for busy families or those looking for a quick dinner fix.

 Secondly, the air fryer requires little to no oil, giving you a healthier option compared to traditional frying methods. Additionally, the air fryer’s hot circulating air creates a deliciously crispy exterior while keeping the gammon tender and juicy on the inside.

So, let’s dive in and discover how to create the perfect gammon using your air fryer!

Preparing the Gammon In Air Fryer

 Selecting the Right Cut of Gammon

When choosing gammon for your air fryer recipe, opt for a boneless joint or slices that fit easily into the fryer basket. Look for fresh or cured gammon available at your local butcher or supermarket. Boneless cuts are more convenient for air frying, and you can find various thicknesses to suit your preferences.

 Preparing the Gammon for Air Frying

  1. Defrosting (if using frozen gammon)

If you’re using frozen gammon, it’s essential to thaw it properly before cooking. For safe defrosting, place the frozen gammon in the refrigerator overnight. Avoid defrosting at room temperature, as it can lead to bacterial growth.

  • Seasoning Options and Suggestions

Seasoning your gammon enhances its flavor and allows you to tailor it to your taste. Classic seasoning choices include freshly ground black pepper, a touch of mustard, or a light brush of honey for sweetness.

You can also experiment with herbs and spices, like thyme, garlic powder, or paprika, to add a personal touch.

For a traditional British twist, consider simmering the gammon in water with a bay leaf, cloves, and a halved onion before air frying. This will infuse the meat with a delightful aroma.

 Using the Air Fryer

A. Preheating the Air Fryer

To ensure your gammon cooks evenly and crisps up nicely, it’s essential to preheat your air fryer. Simply set the air fryer to the recommended temperature (usually 180°C or 350°F) and let it warm up for a few minutes. This step is crucial for getting that perfect texture on your gammon.

B. Setting the Time and Temperature for Gammon

Cooking time and temperature can vary based on the thickness of your gammon slices or the size of your joint. As a general rule, for thin slices, try cooking at 180°C (350°F) for about 8-10 minutes, flipping halfway through. For thicker slices or joints, you might need to increase the cooking time to 15-20 minutes.

It’s always best to refer to the manual of your specific air fryer for precise instructions or follow the guidelines provided in your gammon package. Remember, every air fryer can be a bit different, so adjusting the settings may be necessary.

C. Recommendations for Best Results

To achieve the tastiest and juiciest gammon, consider these tips:

  1. Avoid overcrowding the air fryer basket, as this can hinder proper airflow and lead to uneven cooking. Cook in batches if needed.
  2. For extra crispiness, you can lightly brush the gammon with a small amount of oil or use a cooking spray before air frying.
  3. Keep an eye on the gammon while it cooks to prevent overcooking. Adjust the time if necessary to reach your desired level of doneness.
  4. Remember to flip the gammon halfway through the cooking time to ensure both sides cook evenly.
  5. If you’re glazing the gammon, apply the glaze during the last few minutes of cooking to avoid burning and achieve a beautiful caramelized finish.
How To Cook Gammon In Air Fryer
Cooking the Gammon

Cooking the Gammon

A. Placing the Gammon in the Air Fryer

Gently place your seasoned gammon slices or joint into the air fryer basket. Make sure they are laid out in a single layer, allowing hot air to circulate around the meat evenly. If you have a larger joint, you might need to cut it into smaller portions to fit comfortably in the fryer basket.

B. Cooking Time and Temperature Guidelines

For deliciously juicy and tender gammon, follow these general cooking time and temperature guidelines:

  • Thin Gammon Slices: Cook at 180°C (350°F) for 8-10 minutes, flipping halfway through.
  • Thick Gammon Slices or Joints: Cook at 180°C (350°F) for 15-20 minutes, flipping halfway through.

Remember, these are just approximate times; the actual cooking time may vary based on your air fryer’s model and the size of the gammon. It’s always a good idea to refer to the manual or packaging instructions for more precise timings.

C. Flipping or Turning the Gammon for Even Cooking

To ensure your gammon cooks evenly on both sides, flip or turn the slices or joint halfway through the cooking time. Use tongs or a spatula to gently flip the gammon. This simple step helps achieve that golden-brown crispiness on both sides and prevents one side from getting overcooked.

If you’re cooking multiple slices or pieces, it’s also a good idea to rearrange them in the basket during the flipping process, so they all cook uniformly.

D. Glazing the Gammon (Optional)

For a touch of sweetness and flavor, you can glaze the gammon with a mixture of honey, brown sugar, and soy sauce. Simply brush the glaze on the gammon slices or joint during the last few minutes of cooking, or after flipping, to caramelize the glaze and add a delicious flavor.

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Checking for Doneness

Visual Cues to Look For

   When cooking gammon in the air fryer, visual cues can help you determine if it’s done to perfection. Keep an eye out for the following:

  1. Color: The gammon should have a lovely golden-brown color on the outside, indicating a crispy and well-cooked surface.
  2. Caramelization: If you’ve applied a glaze, it should appear caramelized and glossy, adding a deliciously sweet and savory flavor.
  3. Juiciness: Look for moist and juicy gammon on the inside, as dry or tough meat might indicate overcooking.
  4.  Crust: The surface of the gammon should be slightly crisp but not burnt.

 Using a Meat Thermometer to Check Internal Temperature

   For a foolproof way to ensure your gammon is perfectly cooked, use a meat thermometer to check the internal temperature. Insert the thermometer probe into the thickest part of the gammon, avoiding contact with bones if applicable.

   The recommended internal temperature for gammon is around 71°C (160°F) for cooked, yet still juicy, results. If the gammon hasn’t reached this temperature, continue air frying and recheck until it does.

  Tips and Troubleshooting

A. Tips for Avoiding Common Pitfalls

Cooking gammon in an air fryer can be a breeze with these helpful tips. First, avoid overcrowding the air fryer basket to ensure even cooking. Adjust the seasoning to your taste, keeping in mind that cured gammon may already have some saltiness.

Preheating the air fryer is essential for achieving that crispy and golden-brown exterior. When glazing the gammon, do so towards the end of cooking to prevent burning. Using a meat thermometer takes the guesswork out of doneness, so rely on it to achieve juicy and perfectly cooked gammon.

B. Troubleshooting Potential Issues

If your gammon turns out dry, reduce cooking time or add a touch of oil before air frying. For even cooking, remember to flip or turn the gammon. If the glaze starts to burn, loosely cover the gammon with foil. Some air fryers may have hot spots, so rearrange or rotate the basket as needed.

With these tips and troubleshooting know-how, you’ll confidently serve delectable air-fried gammon to impress your friends and family. Happy air frying!


cooking gammon in an air fryer brings a range of advantages to your table. The air fryer’s quick and easy cooking saves time, while its healthier method requires less oil. Expect a mouthwatering gammon with a crispy outer layer and tender inside, thanks to the hot circulating air.

It’s time to try this delightful recipe and get creative with various seasonings and glazes. Whether it’s a family meal or a gathering with friends, air-fried gammon is sure to impress. Embrace the convenience and deliciousness of air frying – your gate.

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