what to serve with glamorgan sausages

Glamorgan sausages are a traditional dish from Wales made with cheese, breadcrumbs, and leeks. They are delicious. These hotdogs take care of the two vegans and non-veggie lovers and are known for their mouth-watering taste. When making Glamorgan sausages, one question that comes up a lot is what to serve as a side dish. This article will recommend some of the best accompaniments and side dishes to go with your Glamorgan sausage meal, And Clear All the confusion about what to serve with Glamorgan sausages?  


Glamorgan sausages are a hearty vegetarian dish that anyone, regardless of dietary restrictions, can enjoy. They are delicious. They’re made with a mix of cheddar, breadcrumbs, and leeks, giving them an extraordinary flavor that is both exquisite and fulfilling. However, it can be difficult to select the ideal side dishes to accompany Glamorgan sausages. Fortunately, we have your back. We’ll look at some of the best sides and other things to go with your Glamorgan sausage meal in this article.

What are Glamorgan Sausages?

Let’s first talk about what the best Glamorgan sausages side dishes are before we get into them. Glamorgan sausages are a classic Welsh dish from the 19th century. They are made by combining cheese, breadcrumbs, and leeks to form a mixture that is then rolled into sausage shapes and fried until they are golden brown. They are a popular vegetarian alternative to traditional meat sausages and are often served with onion gravy on the side.

Side Dishes for Glamorgan Sausages

With regards to serving Glamorgan hotdogs, the conceivable outcomes are inestimable. The following are some of the best side dishes to complete your meal:

Roasted Vegetables:

 Glamorgan sausages go well with roasted vegetables as a side dish. They are not only quick and easy to make, but they are also nutritious and delicious. With a little olive oil, salt, and pepper, try roasting some Brussels sprouts, parsnips, and carrots in the oven.

Mashed Potatoes:

 Glamorgan sausages go well with the classic side dish of mashed potatoes. They’re velvety, rich, and give the ideal differentiation to the appetizing kinds of the frankfurters. Have a go at adding a sprinkle of garlic powder and a few slashed chives for added character.

Mixed Salad:

If you want a lighter side dish, a mixed salad is a great choice. For a refreshing and healthy accompaniment to your Glamorgan sausages, combine some greens like arugula or spinach with cucumbers, cherry tomatoes, and avocado.

Onion Gravy

Glamorgan sausages are traditionally served with onion gravy. It’s simple to make and gives the meal a rich, savory flavor. Make a delicious gravy by caramelizing some onions in a pan with butter, sugar, and thyme, then adding vegetable stock and thyme.

Braised Red Cabbage

 Glamorgan sausages go well with braised red cabbage as a side dish. The tart and somewhat sweet kind of the cabbage supplements the flavorful taste of the wieners. Shred the cabbage and sauté it in butter, apple cider vinegar, and brown sugar to prepare.

Sautéed Mushrooms

Sautéed mushrooms are one more extraordinary choice to present with Glamorgan hotdogs. The cheese and leek flavors of the sausages go well with the earthy flavor of the mushrooms. Simply sauté some mushrooms in butter and garlic until tender for the preparation.

Sauces and Condiments to Serve with Glamorgan Sausages

Notwithstanding side dishes, sauces and fixings can take your Glamorgan frankfurter dinner to a higher level. Consider the following choices:

Tomato Chutney

Tomato chutney is a sweet and tart fixing that matches impeccably with Glamorgan frankfurters. It can be prepared ahead of time and is simple to prepare. Simply combine the chopped tomatoes, onions, sugar, vinegar, spices, and spices in a pan and simmer until the mixture becomes thick.


Mustard is an exemplary topping that works out positively for frankfurters, everything being equal, including Glamorgan wieners. For more flavor, select your preferred variety, such as whole-grain or Dijon.

Cranberry Sauce:

 Cranberry sauce is another sweet and tangy option. It goes particularly well with the sausages’ cheese and leek flavors. By simmering fresh or frozen cranberries with sugar and water until thickened, you can make your own cranberry sauce.

Mint Sauce

Mint sauce is a well-known condiment that goes well with both lamb and Glamorgan sausages. Simply combine sugar, vinegar, and chopped fresh mint leaves to prepare.

Desserts to Serve with Glamorgan Sausages

A meal is not complete without dessert! When serving Glamorgan sausages, consider the following options:

Apple Crumble

Glamorgan Sausage and Apple Crumble Go well together to make this traditional British dessert. It’s not difficult to get ready and can be made ahead of time. Simply slice some apples, place them in a baking dish, top them with a cinnamon, sugar, flour, and butter mixture, and bake until the apples are golden brown.

Bread Pudding

Bread Pudding Another well-known British dessert, bread pudding is simple to make and goes well with Glamorgan sausages. Bake until set by combining some bread, eggs, milk, sugar, and spices.

Chocolate Brownies:

Glamorgan sausages go well with brownies as a dessert if you’re craving something chocolatey. They are always a hit with the crowd and are simple to prepare.


Taking everything into account, there are numerous delectable side dishes, sauces, and sweets that pair well with Glamorgan wieners. The options are endless, ranging from onion gravy and cranberry sauce to mashed potatoes and roasted vegetables. Don’t hesitate for even a moment to get inventive and explore different avenues regarding various flavors and mixes. Have fun cooking!

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